Episode 6: Interview with Dr. Fred Whitehurst on FBI labs

An interview with Dr. Frederic Whitehurst about his service in the military in Vietnam, his educational background as a Chemist and attorney, his experience working with the FBI labs as a chemist, his work with the Office of the Inspector General in reforming practices and protocols at the FBI, and his current career as a criminal defense attorney and forensic consultant.

Show notes and links:

Dr. Frederic Whitehurst’s page on the National Whistleblower Center’s website:


New York Times article about $1.1 million settlement paid by FBI to Whitehurst:

NPR interview with Fred Whitehurst about Dr. Dang Thuy Tram’s diary and the return of the diary to Vietnam:


USA Today article about Whitehurst and the Tram diary:


New York Times article about Whitehurst and the Tram diary:

Children of Vietnam (charity that helps children in Vietnam with education, healing, and other assistance that Whitehurst works with) page about Whitehurst:


Amazon link to Last Night I Dreamed of Peace: the Diary of Dang Thuy Tram:


The film Don’t Burn based on Dr. Tram’s diary and her story:

OIG report excerpt on Psinakis case and Whitehurst’s role in that case:


Wikipedia article about Daubert standard:


Washington Post articles by Spencer Hsu on the FBI labs:




Innocence Project page on Donald Eugene Gates:

Donald Eugene Gates

2014 Office of the Inspector General update on review of FBI labs:


Additional interviews with Fred Whitehurst that I listened to and enjoyed:

2012/04/25: James Corbett of the CorbettReport.com interviews Whitehurst

Interview 502 – Dr. Frederic Whitehurst on the FBI Crime Lab

2013/08/09: Whitehurst on TalkViewNam, Vietnamese television:

Whitehurst on Primetime Live with Sam Donaldson:

1997/04: MSNBC with on the FBI lab scandal, the Office of the Inspector General report on the FBI labs and Whitehurst:

CSPAN coverage of FBI Operations hearings by the Senate Judiciary Committee:

Larry King Live circa 1995 featuring Whitehurst:

2010/04/01: The Alex Jones Show with Whitehurst:

2015/11/27: Opperman Report with Whitehurst: