Murder Alaska Episode 7: Interview with Hugh Sprunt on the Vince Foster murder mystery

An interview with private citizen investigator Hugh Sprunt, author of well-known analyses of the Starr and Fiske reports on Vince Foster’s death, looking back on the death of Vince Foster during the first Bill Clinton administration on 7/20/93 from the perspective of almost a quarter century gone by. Sprunt’s work on Foster was later featured in a number of magazines like Heterodoxy and Media Bypass and Sprunt has made numerous TV and radio appearances talking about his expertise in the underlying government records and the inconsistencies and errors in the official accounts.

Show notes and links:

Hugh Sprunt page on Allan Favish’s website with links to the Citizen’s Independent Report, analysis of the Starr report and links to Hugh’s talk at the Grenada Forum which is on YouTube:

Hugh Turley, Patrick Knowlton, and John Clarke’s website FBI Cover-up:

“DC” Dave Martin’s website:

One version of Miguel Rodriguez’ memo detailing problems with the Foster case:

Miguel Rodriguez page on FBI Cover-up including audio of Rodriguez talking about running into a cover-up while he was trying to investigate Foster death:

Interview with “Confidential Witness” in Foster case, the first person to officially come across Foster’s body on WABC 770:

Link to article that includes a still image of the only publicly released photo of Vince Foster’s death scene depicting a hand with a black revolver:

Michael Rivero’s “What Really Happened” page on Republic Broadcasting:

What Really Happened with Michael Rivero

20 page appendix to the Starr report added by witness Patrick Knowlton over the objection of Starr:

Philip Weiss article on The Clinton Crazies including a profile of Sprunt:

Philip Weiss on This American Life talking about turning away from looking into the Foster death: