Episode 5: The murder of Maggie Wigen

Show notes and links:

February 17th, 2017 KTOO article by Matt Miller about James Harmon’s PCR:

Convicted murderer of Tenakee Springs woman seeks review of his case

Commonplace poetry podcast with Olena Kalytiak Davis:


2008 Harmon appeal opinion affirming conviction:


2016 Harmon PCR opinion remanding case back to Superior Court:


March 1st, 2004 Juneau Empire article by Tony Carroll “Tenakee looks for justice”:


January 25th, 2017 ADN.com article by Megan Bush about Tenakee Springs, part of the “Why do I live where I live?” series on Alaskan communities:


Maggie Wigen memorial website:


Maggie Wigen Living and Raw Food personal ad from January 21st, 1999:


James Harmon’s betweenthebars.org posts:


March 6th, 2005 Juneau Empire article “Defense in Wigen killing slaps troopers”, quotes Harmon’s attorney as saying Harmon is “sullen, very large, and not too bright”:


New Yorker review of Olena Kalytiak Davis’ “The Poem She Didn’t Write and other Poems”:


Music credits (sampled and altered):

Built to Spill – Goin’ Against Your Mind

Sleater Kinney – One More Hour

Saves the Day – Hold

The Postal Service – We Will Become Silhouettes

Sunny Day Real Estate – In Circles

Modest Mouse – Talking S**t About a Pretty Sunset

Elliott Smith – Between the Bars (instrumental performed by heavypiano)

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