Filmmaker Robbie Martin on the investigation into the anthrax attacks and connections to 9/11

Show notes and links:

Website of Robbie Martin’s 3-part documentary series A Very Heavy Agenda:

Robbie Martin’s twitter account:

Media Roots website where you can listen to Media Roots radio, a show Robbie Martin co-hosts with sister Abby Martin:

Richard Perle clip referenced by Martin from 9/16/01 CNN appearance where Perle asserts that the next attack will be different and possibly involve chemical or biological attack:

Clip from A Very Heavy Agenda referenced by Martin of Donald Kagan talking about Kagan’s argument on 9/12/01 that we should invade Palestine:

Book on anthrax attacked referred to by Martin by Philipp Sarasin “Anthax: Bioterror as Fact and Fantasy”:…ords=anthrax+book

The Nation article talking about the board members of the Institute for the Study of War, referenced by Martin, and who pays pro-war pundits:…pro-war-pundits/

Investment Watch Blog piece on the think tank the Project for the New American Century being re-branded as the Foreign Policy Institute:…itiative-fpi/

Leaked tape of Assistant Secretary of State Victoria Nuland talking about how to reorganize Ukraine and infamously saying “fuck the E.U.” referenced by Martin:

Clip of former CIA director James Woolsey implicating Iraq in 9/11 on 9/11/01 referenced by Martin:

Village Voice piece referenced by Martin that revealed Woolsey was sent on a fact-finding mission by Paul Wolfowitz:…he-crosshairs/

Clips of Operation Dark Winter terror drill fake newscasts referenced by Martin:

10/29/01 ABC News piece claiming additive bentonite was found in the anthrax used in post-9/11 attacks which was supposedly a signature of Iraq’s anthrax stocks:

Clip of Jerome Hauer on ABC News with Peter Jennings on 9/11/01. As mentioned by Martin, Hauer in this clip is one of the very first people to suggest the structural failure hypothesis that would later become the official story adopted by the government:

11/29/05 Sun piece that talks about Rudy Giuliani’s firm BioOne’s work decontaminating the Sun building that had been infected with anthrax:…s-in-a-feud/23660/

Rudy Giuliani on Wolf Blitzer’s show talking about who is behind the anthrax attacks and his involvement in response to the anthrax letters:

Robbie Martin piece on carry-over of Neocons like Giuliani into the Trump administration:…nstead/222482/

Book written by neocon Michael Ledeen and Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn “The Field of Fight: How We Can Win the Global War Against Radical Islam and Its Allies” referenced by Martin:…cal/dp/1250106222

Clip of Mike Pence, current Vice President, in a news clip from October of 2001 referenced by Martin where Pence, then a Congressman, gets the antibiotic Cipro after anthrax letters were mailed to Congress:

Robbie Martin interview with former drone intelligence analyst Matt Dehart about the possibility of CIA involvement in the 2001 anthrax attacks:…-anthrax-attacks/

Robbie Martin’s documentary American Anthrax v1.5 on youtube:

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