Interview with Mike Campbell about his book Amelia Earhart: The Truth at Last – Part I

Part one of my interview with author Mike Campbell, a researcher who has written the definitive book about Amelia Earhart’s disappearance “Amelia Earhart: The Truth at Last” and also writes a blog at that contains articles full of pictures and reference materials about Earhart and her final flight. We discuss Amelia Earhart’s flying career and how she got to the point where she attempted her fateful flight in 1937, a world record attempt to fly around the globe.

We then get into the evidence that exists of what became to Earhart and her navigator Fred Noonan after they took off from Lae, New Guinea and  disappeared according to the mainstream account. These include witnesses who saw Earhart come down near Mili Atoll in the Marshall Islands, witnesses on Saipan which had been occupied by the Japanese until the end of World War II and where Earhart was said by witnesses to have kept as a prisoner, and military personnel involved in the U.S. takeover of Saipan in 1944 who saw evidence of Earhart’s presence on Saipan including seeing her plane which was destroyed by the U.S. military and her briefcase and other personal effects.

Part two of this series examines other ideas that continue to be propagated by the mainstream media of what happened to Earhart and Noonan and will be released next Monday. Mike Campbell and I talk about the crash-and-sank theory and the Nikumaroro or Gardner Island theory both of which have been thoroughly debunked as well as the recent History documentary about a photo that is alleged to depict Earhart and Noonan on a dock in Saipan that was apparently recently discovered.

Show notes and links:

Mike Campbell’s book “Amelia Earhart: The Truth at Last” 2nd edition published by Sunbury Press on Amazon:

Mike Campbell’s blog which contains many articles unpacking various aspects of the Earhart case along with photos and lots of source material:

“Daughter of the Sky” by Paul Briand referenced by Mike Campbell as being the book the began the modern era of Earhart disappearance research. First published in 1960:

“The Search for Amelia Earhart” by Fred Goerner published in 1966 and the only bestseller about the true facts of Earhart’s fate on Saipan referenced by Campbell:

Article on Campbell’s blog, the first in a two-part series published on 9/25/17 about Japanese war crimes during World War II, “Earhart’s murder among first of Japan’s war crimes”:

Earhart’s murder among first of Japan’s War Crimes

Book by Victor Loomis referenced by Campbell “Amelia Earhart: The Final Story” that contained accounts by Marshallese witnesses of Earhart landing near the island:

Article on Campbell’s Earhart Truth blog eulogizing and recounting the works of Earhart researcher Bill Prymak, refenced by Campbell:

Mike Campbell’s first book with Thomas Devine that collects the accounts of U.S. servicemen that witnessed evidence including her plane and briefcase that Earhart was on Saipan after her ill-fated flight “With Our Own Eyes: Eyewitnesses to the Final Days of Amelia Earhart”

Article on Campbell’s blog about the three flag officers who disclosed information to researcher Fred Goerner about Earhart ending up on Saipan:

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