Not much of an Empire: Is GateHouse Media the Walmart of news?

Is GateHouse Media, the new owner of my local newspaper the Juneau Empire, the Walmart of news? What is their strategy in going on a buying binge of media properties? What was the deal with their involvement in the sale and management of the Las Vegas Review-Journal to billionaire Sheldon Adelson last year? Murder, Alaska investigates.

Links and show notes:

2017-08-09 Juneau Empire article about the sale of the Empire and other Alaska papers to GateHouse Media:

2017-02-16 article about GateHouse’s parent company being sold to a Japanese bank:

2015-12-15 Washington Post article about the sale of the Las Vegas Review-Journal to a mystery buyer:

2016-01-08 New Yorker article that chronicled the Las Vegas Review-Journal unmasking its owner as Sheldon Adelson:

2016-01-02 New York Times piece detailing Sheldon Adelson’s secret purchase of the Review-Journal and subsequent hit piece on Adelson foe Judge Elizabeth Gonzales:

2015-03-11 Boston Globe profile of GateHouse and CEO Kirk Davis and the labor issues and acquisitions of newspapers:

2017-02-21 Boston Business Journal piece about layoffs and cutbacks at GateHouse amidst their their acquisition spree:

2016-08-17 Poynter Institute piece on buyouts at GateHouse:

2017-06-03 Courier-Tribune article on GateHouse’s “Newsroom Hero” marketing campaign:

2017-04-18 Class action lawsuit against GateHouse for its Wells Fargo-esque practice of signing up subscribers to Lens, an ad-filled publication, without notice or approval:

2012-03-13 Huffington Post piece describing GateHouse issuing huge executive bonuses while the company was heading into bankruptcy:

2013-11 Financier Worldwide article detailing GateHouse’s chapter 11 bankruptcy:

2016-01 PressThink blog post digging deep into the “hit piece” ordered up by the Las Vegas Review-Journal after it was secretly purchased by Sheldon Adelson on Adelson enemy Judge Elizabeth Gonzales:

2015-12-23 Hartford Courant article revealing that the “hit piece” published under a fake byline, later revealed to be by Adelson lackey Michael Schroeder, had plagiarized passages:

2008-06-30 Long form New Yorker article “The Brass Ring” detailing Sheldon Adelson’s casino empire and general shadiness and kick backs that involved Adelson’s company buying its way into Macau’s gambling world, Adelson’s affinity for Republican causes and huge donations as well as his links to the powerful Israel lobby in Washington D.C. and abroad:

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